Our Story


Our story began 170 years ago when the East India Company identified the local climate and soil as ideal for cultivating tea. However their project was abandoned due to local tribal rules that prevented outsiders from working the land.

Almost two centuries later we discovered these plans and decided to plant tea on our ancestral land.


We began planting tea in 2002 on virgin scrubland and have cultivated organically from the start. Our tea bushes include a mixture of slow-growing Darjeeling and some Chinese plants from the era of the East India Company that we discovered locally. The plantation is situated on the southern bank of Umiam lake at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,300 metres. The estate receives heavy rains during the monsoon season and also benefits from its own spring which gives clean, sweet water all year round. The mists of the lake protect the garden from drought during the dry season. Careful contour planting on Lakyrsiew’s steep slopes and our belief in organic methods of cultivation enrich the soil and create a delicate tea of magnificent quality. 

We produce tiny quantities of hill tea - just 1,800 kilograms in 2015.